Madrid Spain : Out of the frying pan into the fire perfectly describes the situation of Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand who fled their country in search of a safe haven but instead are suffering even more in this strange place. They went to Bangkok with high hopes that the UNHCR-Bangkok will provide them with the resources and protect them from any further persecution.

Unfortunately all they got was an interview date for 4 years later and an asylum seekers identity card which carries zero importance. They are given no medical assistance, no education for children and are not even protected from being detained by the immigration police which consider them the illegal immigrants. Furthermore these people are not even allowed to work in order to become self-sufficient.

Pakistani Christians have been at the mercy of a few NGOs and churches that have immensely helped them at various occasions. But is that enough? How these persecuted people are supposed to spend this prolonged duration of about 4 to 6 years before their interviews are taken and they are probably resettled to the safe third countries? A few lives have already been lost due to the lack of resources. Who is to be blamed for the loss of those souls, the ignorance from the west which says that Pakistan is a safe place for Christians or the slow bureaucratic process carried by UNHCR-Bangkok?

“Farrukh Harrison Saif”, stood next to these Christians since a very long time and still continue to help as many people as possible, but how much longer could these people survive this way? Tired of waiting and realizing how all these efforts were going into the vain, Mr. Farrukh Saif decided to file an official complaint at the Geneva UN Headquarters against the UNHCR Bangkok in July 2015.

However, it seems like the headquarters couldn’t care less about this complaint for no action was taken by them. The condition of Christian Asylum Seekers has only worsened since then.

Farrukh Harrison Saif  and its Associate’s will not give up. They have made a promise to their persecuted Christian brothers and sisters to take them out of this misery and stand with them till their last breath! Farrukh Harrison Saif is now going to file a case against the UNHCR Bangkok in the International Criminal Court. UNHCR Bangkok will have to face the criminal charges for not respecting its own constitution, for discriminating against the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers and leaving them in a limbo for 6 to 7 years without utilizing its immense means for providing them food, education and medical assistance. UNHCR´s behavior has been extremely reluctant towards these Pakistani Christians who belong to a country which ranked as 8th nation where the Christians face most persecution according to the “Open Doors”.

Pakistani Christians are caught in the crossfire between Islamic militant organizations and mobs that violently target Christians and an Islamizing culture which results in Christians being isolated from the rest of the population. The notorious blasphemy laws continue to have devastating consequences for Christians. Christian women and girls are experiencing violence every day as they are easy target for rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping.

Every door has been knocked, the time to file petitions to the western governments is over, and Pakistani Christians are not going to kneel down on UNHCR´s doors anymore. Now the issue will be resolved by the International Criminal Court. The culprits (UNHCR´s officials) will be brought to the trial and Pakistani Christians will be given their due respect and rights.

This has been also observed that the officials of the UNHCR are involved in motivating the Pakistani Christians to drop their asylum applications and return to Pakistan. Farrukh Saif and his associates  will always stand with Pakistani Christians. As we Believe that Pakistan is a Hub for Religious extremism and is promoting the culture of terrorism around the world.


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