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UK Struggles To Contain The Flow Of Channel Migrants

The United Kingdom’s policies and strategies aimed at limiting the number of unauthorized migrants crossing the English Channel from France has thus far has had no significant impact. Data shows that there are still significant number of illegal migrants sailing across the Atlantic’s arm to reach the UK from Northern France.

Despite the fact that the English Premier’s “Stop the boats” bill the issue remains deeply contentious and concerning. As hundreds of people put their lives at risk taking on the adventure, however for some it turns out to be a misadventure. UK has struggled to find impactful solutions to the consequent issues such as housing the asylum seekers and migrants, managing the arrivals, addressing the root cause of the crisis.

The UK government’s bill addressing illegal immigration in particular proposes to prevent people from crossing the English Channel in small boats. The bill is excessively criticised termed as unworkable and is expected to be impeded by challenges in the European Court of Human Rights. However, despite criticism, this bill was passed by the Parliament on April 26, 2023 by 289 votes to 230. The bill is currently with the House of Lords, where its at the committee stage and is under process. The bill was introduced in the House of Commons on 7th March, 2023.

UK government struck a deal with Rawanda, in keeping with which the asylum seekers coming to the UK would be deterred to Rawanda for processing. The idea is under heavy criticism and is being contested in the courts.

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