Two Christian Brothers booked in Blasphemy Law.

Third Case of Blasphemy in One month ,Tariq Yousaf and Arif Yousaf have been falsely accused under blasphemy at Thatha Faqir Ullah, a Christian Colony, Wazirabad city, District Gujranwala, near Lahore, bearing FIR Number 533/13 in Sadar Police station Wazirabad.

We [FSF] were informed by one of our Friends and a Human Rights Activist Shahzad, that there is a tensed situation in Wazirabad. The team of FSF  led by  our Advocates  immediately left for Wazirabad along with Mr. Shahzad, where the relatives of Tariq and Arif requested us to provide legal assistance to both the accused.

There was a fear and tension amongst the Christians of the village Fariq Ullah but our team of lawyers and Mr. Khaild Shahzed assured them that they will, not let this village be like a Gojra or Joseph colony.

Fr. Tanveer john (Greek Orthodox Church) and brother Rehmat also encouraged the local people. The role of the Church was Extremely Positive.

Police arrested Arif, however Tariq escaped. Later on Police arrested Waris Masih, another brother of Tariq yousaf. Arif and Waris both are working in Pakistan Railways, Whereas Tariq worked at Cutlery factory and in part time he used to make Firecrackers.

On 25th October,  there was wedding in the village. Khurram Shahzed (Complainant of the FIR) bought some firecrackers from Tariq. According to Khurram

“ the crackers didn’t crack and when i opened them I saw that the crackers were made with the Koranic Pages Which was also witnessed by Tajjamul Butt and Muhammad Waris “.

Within no time they caught Tariq and beat him at the main road but some of the Muslims and Christians intervened and solved the issue through dialogues. Even the Complainant and other Muslims stated that they have forgiven him and further stated that if Tariq has done something wrong God will punish him.

It is strange that even after settling the issue what made Khurram to register an FIR against Tariq and Arif after 4 days of the incident.

There was a Rumor that after the Friday prayers there will be a strong reaction by the Muslim neighborhood. However with the wise step taken by the FSF –Legal team  were able to submit the protection application for the Christian community of Thatha Fariq Uallah .

On Friday our team was in action to safeguard and protect the tensed Christian Community. Station House Officer Sami-Ullah Khan and ASP Fazal-e-Haq played a Positive role in safe-guarding the Christian community.

The police remained there till 4 P.M and thanks to God that No critical Situation occurred. We have observed that some of the NGOs and people were creating frustration in the Community that the Mosques are announcing to attack Christians which is absolutely Incorrect. Some of them even started sending Text messages that Fariq –uallah is under threat.

We would request our Christian brothers that please do not exaggerate the Situation, yes there was a tension but not like Gojra and Joseph Colony.

Once again We proved that we can bring change if we are honest with our working and commitment. The situation at wazirabad is Now under control. Police showed excellent cooperation as well as some of the Muslims Clerics. FSF is defending Arif and Tariq though Tariq is still missing. We request you to please keep us in your prayers .

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