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Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader

Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader presented in court

images (1)ISLAMABAD: The ‘imam masjid’ (prayer leader in mosque) Kahild Jadoon, who was accused of tampering with evidence against Rimsha Masih and arrested last night, has been presented in the court on Sunday here, Geo News reported.

It may be recalled that Rimsha Maseeh has been in detention since she was allegedly found holding in her hand burnt pages with holy verses printed on them.

‘Imam masjid’ Khalid Jadoon, who after getting the case registered against Rimsha Maseeh had mysteriously disappeared and was arrested last night, as he allegedly himself put the holy verses into the ashes of the pages for strengthening the case against Rimsha Maseeh.

Khalid Jadoon has been presented in the court today.

Meanwhile, Chairman All Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi has urged the ulemas from across the country to pave way for the punishment of accused Khalid Jadoon by the court, while he has demanded from the President Asif Ali Zardari to immediately set free Rimsha Maseeh and order for her security.

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