Priya Kumari’s Abduction Revealed

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The abduction of Priya Kumari, a young girl from Sukkur, in 2021 has brought to the forefront the grim reality experienced by the minority Hindu community in Pakistan.

Recent revelations have unveiled the involvement of Syed Shahid Shah, the nephew of PPP leader Syed Khursheed Shah, in the abduction of Priya Kumari. Allegations suggest that Syed Shahid Shah desired to coerce Priya Kumari’s mother into an illicit relationship and, upon refusal, resorted to kidnapping. This deplorable act has sparked widespread condemnation, leaving Priya Kumari missing for 22 agonizing months.

Syed Shahid Shah -ecspe
Syed Shahid Shah

Syed Shahid Shah sent a message to Priya’s mother: “If you do not come with consent, I will adopt such a strategy that you will come to my bed by yourself.”

Priya Kumari, the daughter of Rajo Mal, was merely seven years old when she was forcibly taken, igniting a wave of outrage and emotional calls for justice from various quarters.


The disappearance of Priya Kumari on August 19, 2021, amidst the solemn observance of Muharram while she was selflessly volunteering to offer water to mourners, remains a haunting enigma. Despite the presence of law enforcement agencies during this sensitive period, she was brazenly abducted in broad daylight, casting serious doubt on the safety and security of religious minorities in the region.

Calls for Action:

The community’s clamor for justice has reached a crescendo, with protests erupting across Sindh demanding the immediate recovery of Priya Kumari. Activists and human rights organizations have implored the Chief Justice to intervene decisively and ensure Priya’s safe reunification with her family. The rally staged in Sukkur to demand her recovery underscores the urgency and severity of the plight faced by minority communities in Pakistan.


Priya Kumari’s abduction epitomizes not merely an isolated incident but a distressing pattern of persecution endured by Hindus and Christians in Pakistan. This case underscores the pressing imperative for authorities to safeguard vulnerable communities and uphold their fundamental rights.

As endeavors persist to locate Priya Kumari and facilitate her return home, it is incumbent upon society to stand in solidarity against such atrocities and strive towards a future that is inclusive and equitable for all, irrespective of their religious beliefs.


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