Pakistan Premier Appoints Task Force For Execution For Minority Rights  

In the wake a resolution, unanimously passed by the National Assembly, on May 9, the Pakistani Premier Shehbaz Sharif has given a nod to formation of a task force especially to implement rights of the non-Muslim Pakistanis.

On June 15, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement that said,” “In light of the resolution passed by the National Assembly on May 9, 2022, the prime minister has been pleased to approve the constitution of task force on minorities to oversee the implementation of rights of minorities in light with the decision of the Apex court.”

This task force will be headed by Member of National Assembly, Dr. Ramish Kumar Vankwani, whilst comprising 23 parliamentarians, senators and others. The chairman of the task force will hold the status of a Federal Minister, while the body will be playing an advisory role. The “terms of reference” said “The task force shall monitor and oversee all the affairs of the protection of rights of minorities in the light of decisions taken by the Apex court,” adding that the body will have to submit quarterly reports about the developments to the PM himself. The provincial governments of Pakistan have been directed to extend full support to the task force in order to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Vankwani expressing his delight over the formation of the task force took it to twitter and said that such a step had been taken for the first time in the history of the country. “Parliamentarians unanimously passed a resolution to set up a task force for the rights of minorities and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif passed orders on its implementation … this reflects concrete steps taken by the present government for the protection of minorities,” he tweeted.

As the chairman of this task force, he tweeted, “I would like to address the feelings of insecurity of the minorities.” He promised that “Recommendations will be made for the solution of the problems faced by the minorities and we will take people from all the segments of the society along with us.”


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