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Islamist mob attacks, churches set on fire in Punjab, Pakistan.

Today on Wednesday 16 August 2023, An incident of persecution against the minority community in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad resulted in churches being vandalized and set on fire. According to our staff Pakistani Islamists ransacked and vandalized churches in Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan after a Christian man, Raja Ameer, was accused of blasphemy.

Within moments, hundreds of Muslims gathered around Raja Amir’s house, first vandalizing the nearby church, which belongs to the Salvation Army. After the burning of the church and house of the accused Raja Amir, the destruction and burning of houses and churches in the city continues.

According to our team in Punjab, Pakistan, Islamists have vandalized and set fire to 4 churches and dozens of Christian homes.

Despite the passage of 6 hours, the police are unable to restore peace in the city. Even in the presence of the police, Islamists are vandalizing churches and Christian homes. Local Christian families fled their homes to save their lives.

We request the international community to raise its voice for the oppressed Christians of Pakistan. Christians, already a marginalized community in Pakistan, are once again facing the worst persecution.

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