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Lahore: Christian Couple Arrested Over Alleged Blasphemy Charges


A Christian couple arrested by police over alleged blasphemy charges. A blasphemy case was registered against them, for allegedly desecrating a copy of the Holy Quran. Police confirmed that the couple were in their custody and awaiting legal proceedings, as section 295-B was invoked against them on Saturday September 9, 2023.

The complaianant Taimur, resident of Harbanspura, Lahore claimed that he was standing at a food shop near the Rangers’ headquarters when he saw pages thrown from the roof of a house. When he picked up the papers he found them to be pages of Holy Quran. A case was registered by the North Cantonment police against the Christian couple identified as Shaukat Masih and his wife Kiran.

In the span of past few months, there has been a sharp rise in the blasphemy related cases against Christians. Over the past three months about five complaiants of blasphemy were filed against Chritsians. Last month witnessed, a horrific episode of mob violence when 25 churches and houses of Christians were torched in Jaranwala.

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