Kashmala Munawar The Victim of Peshwar Church Blast Fly to Australia .

Kashmala Munawar from harry on Vimeo.

Few minutes ago Kashmala Munawar the victim of Peshawar Church blast fly to Australia for further treatment. Kashmala Munawar was one of the victim of the Peshawar Blast who had multiple pellets in her legs . Doctors amputated her one leg and rod was fixed in her second leg. But doctors are not sure for saving her second leg. Rescue Christians our partner organization provided the medical treatment to her in the best hospital of Peshawar .

WVIP, Requested our Australian friends jeannette wells and  her husband Ron for her treatment in Australia . They requested Children First foundation to help Kashmala.

Thanks to Children First Foundation who accepted this challenge and invites Kashmala for Further treatment.

We are also very thankful to our Pakistani Australian brothers who play vital role in this difficult project. Especially we would like to thanks Saeed Khan , Dr. Baber Peter and many others who did their best to make this project successful. 

We are also very thankful to Our God almighty who helped us and given us strength to complete this task. 

 interview of Kashmala Munawar ,  recorded few hours ago .


  1. […] Shamim Masih reports on some heroic exploits that occurring because of the Christian compassion of World Vision in Progress (WVIP) in Pakistan pertaining to the victims of the Islamic terrorist attack shortly after a Church service in Peshawar that claimed around 90 victims at the All Saints Church. WVIP is helping many of these victimized Christians but Shamim focuses on one particular success story of the young girl Kashmala Munawar. […]

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