India: 3 Swedish Christians Deported Over Alleged Proselytization

India has deported three Swedish Christians for allegedly converting people to Christianity in the Indian state Assam. The Indian police have deported three Swedish citizens who they claim have violated their visas by making efforts to convert people to Christianity.

Details emerged that the three Swedish travellers were hooked by the police on Wednesday, October 26, from the Naharkatiya tea garden area in Assam state. G.P. Singh Assam’s state police officer confirmed that they were fined $500 each for violating the terms of their tourist visas.

The three Swedish tourists identified as Marcus Bloom, Hanna Bloom and Susanna Hakansson were then sent to the Indian Capital New Delhi on the following day. G.P.Singh had then confirmed that they spent Thursday, October 27, night at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport before flying to Stockholm on Friday, October 28.

In keeping with the media reports, the three Swedish deportees had attended a program organized by the United Churches Fellowship (UCF) and Bless Assam Mission Network. Media stated that they delivered sermons in an attempt to convert local people to Christianity.


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