Gulsher Masih‏ another Victim of Blasphemy law


On 9th Oct, 2008 a Christian Family was attacked by the Local Muslims of the Village No-57 of Tehsil Chak Jhumra- Faislabad. Gulsher Masih and her 20 years daughter Ashyana Gulsher (Known as Sundal Bibi) was falsely accused for committing Blasphemy against Islam. Gulsher Masih and his daughter were charged under Section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code for blaspheming the Quran. Before charges were filed in October 2008, Gulsher stated  an incident take place on Aug. 25, when Ashyana Gulsher found some burned pages of the Quran in a garbage dump outside their community. He says we have handed the burnt pages to a woman, Lubana Taj,  and Khalida Rafiq. However after few days Khalida Rafiq and my wife had a clash over some minor subject . Khalida accused us that you have torn the pages of Quran and she also accused my children of making paper airplanes of the pages of the Quran. The conflict was defused with the help of our neighbors who knew the truth, he said, and local Muslim cleric Amam Hafiz Muhammad Ali also intervened, and favor the Gulsher’s daughter had done a good act .

But on 8th Oct, 2008 different mosques started Announcement from the Loud speaker  that Christian Family has committed the Blasphemy against the Quran , and within No time hundreds of Muslims Gather outside of our Home the set our home on fire . Police came on the spot and arrested Gulsher and her daughter Ashyana (Sundal Bibi) and next day they registered FIR against Gulsher and Her daughter. As Hundreds of Muslims demanding Gulsher and her daughter from Police so they can hang them publicly. Gulsher Stated that “If that day those Christian members of parliamentary assembly had spoken up, then the police complaint wouldn’t have been registered against me.” After 14th Months in jail Gulsher and her daughter were found Not Guilty and set free, Intially few NGO supported them. However still Gulsher and His family is unable to move freely in the society . Gulsher Stated that “ I cannot go back to my home –village my children are suffering and I am living a miserable live.

Now Farrukh Saif Foundation previously known as  World Vision in Progress with the help of its partner Rescue Christians has taken his Case and we have started Support the Vulnerable family.

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