Gaza War: Four-Day Ceasefire And Exchange Of Hostages To Initiate On November 24

Israel-Hamas war to cease temporarily on Friday November 24, early in the morning, in keeping with a deal struck between Israel and Hamas. Qatar, being the mediator between both sides, says that the cease-fire is going to last for four days. The deal was originally announced on Wednesday, November 22, however, it will come into effect on Friday, November, 24 at 7 in the morning. Under the deal hostages held by both sides will be released.

In this regard, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Majed al-Ansari, announced the cease-fire will start at 7 a.m. local time Friday (5 a.m. GMT.) Initially, the release of female and minor hostages from both sides was scheduled for Thursday, November 23, but was postponed. The logistical issues hindering the release of hostages on Thursday were worked out over 24 hours of hectic diplomacy. He further detailed that both sides have exchanged lists of the hostages to be released. The first group of hostages to be freed by Hamas will include 13 women and children. They will be freed on Friday afternoon.

Additionally, the Izz ad-Din al Qassam brigades or al-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas has confirmed that a four-day pause in fighting will begin at 7 am local time in Gaza (0500 GMT). During this period all military actions from both sides will cease, the statement said. The statement also says Israeli “prisoners, women and children under the age of 19, will be released”. Noting that three Palestinian prisoners, including women and children, would be released for every Israeli. Moreover, 200 trucks containing medical supplies would be brought into Gaza on a daily basis, along with four trucks containing fuel and cooking gas, the statement said.

On the other hand, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed it has received a list of hostages to be released by Hamas. In a statement, the Israeli PM office stated: “The relevant officials are checking the details of the list and are currently in contact with all families.” The Times of Israel reported that there has been a confirmation from Hamas that the ceasefire will last four days, and 50 hostages will be released in total. On Friday, Hamas is scheduled to release 13 Israeli hostages while Israel will also release Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The bloody and devastating Israeli assault on Gaza was sparked by the Hamas onslaught on Israel on October 7, when hundreds of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers were brutally killed by the Hamas militants while more than 240, including women and children, were taken captive in Gaza. The Israeli PM vowed to wipe out Hamas, in a bid to procure peace for the Jewish state. Since, October 7, Israeli forces have been pounding Hamas hide-outs in the Gaza Strip especially in Gaza City.


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