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Gaza Truce Ends, Israel Resumes Combat Operations In Gaza

The seven-day Israel-Hamas truce eventually expired on Friday, December 1 as the negotiations reached an impasse between Israel and Hamas. Israel accused the Palestinian militant group of violating the agreement by firing at Israel. The almost eight-week war was preceded by a cessation and exchange of captives from both sides, however, Israel’s demand to return the rest of the women and minor captives from Gaza turned down by Hamas has sparked Israel’s military combat to resume in mainly southern Gaza City.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank has stated that the warfare has led to widespread destruction and saw more than 14,800 people killed in Gaza. As the fighting resumes in the Israel-Hamas war, both Israel and Hamas continue to negotiate through mediators over the potential release of Israeli hostages from Gaza, which would prompt another cessation in combat. Israel and Hamas, in consultation with Qatar, the US, and Egypt are still actively engaged in discussing the release of the rest of the Israeli women hostages.

Hamas had reportedly refused Israeli demand to release the rest of the female civilian hostages. Israel believes there are 20 women and two children under the age of 18 still being held, hostage. Israel’s PM office stated on Friday, November 1, that out of a total of 137 Israeli hostages still held captive by Hamas militants, there are still 20 civilian females and 2 minors yet to be released by Hamas. It is believed that if and when Hamas agrees to free the remaining female Israeli hostages, the parameters of the negotiations would quickly turn to other categories of hostages: civilian men, as well as military reservists — both male and female.

Qatar, being a major mediator between Israel and Hamas says that continued combat will make the negotiations much harder. The US, on the other hand, has accused Hamas for the resumed combat. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters it was “important to understand” that the seven-day pause in fighting in Gaza came to an end “because of Hamas.” He stated that “Hamas reneged on commitments it made — in fact, even before the pause came to end, had committed an atrocious terrorist attack in Jerusalem, killing three people, wounding others, including Americans.” On Thursday, November 30, an incident when armed men opened gunfire at a bus stop in Jerusalem, a military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. Three people were killed by the militants in this attack. “It began firing rockets before pause had ended. And as I said, it reneged on commitments it made in terms of releasing certain hostages,” the US Secretary of State said.

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