Farrukh Saif International urges Pope to help Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Today on April 19th 2016 Farrukh Saif International has submitted an urgent petition in the diplomatic mission of Vatican City in Madrid, Spain, requesting the Holy Pope to pay his attention to the Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand as well since he is expressing his concern towards the situation of the Muslim refugees around the world.

On April 17th 2016 Pope Francisco visited the Lesbos Island in Greece where thousands of refugees are stranded and surprisingly on his return to Vatican he brought 3 refugee families with him in his private plane from Greece to Italy where they will be resettled. The shocking fact for us was that all those 12 refugees who were rescued and resettled by Pope were Muslims and there was not any single Christian among them. This made us present a petition to the Vatican embassy and here we share some important points of that document translated for you in English:

To His Excellency Holy Pope,

The objective of this petition is not to criticize you for your humane and Christian act but we would like to request you to please help the Pakistani Christian refugees in Thailand as well same as you are helping the Muslim refugees in Europe.

These Christians are part of the body of Christ. They also deserve your attention and mercy. We are not against the help that you are providing to the Muslim refugees or that you open the doors of Churches across Europe for Muslims but we humbly request you to please pay the same attention to the Pakistani Christian refugees as well who are stranded in Thailand with the hopes to be helped by you. We beg you to consider them your brothers and sisters in Christ and please resettle few families to Vatican/Italy on urgent basis and please ask the other EU states to accept the rest of the families on humanitarian basis in order for them to have a life with respect, dignity and right to religious freedom.

Brother Farrukh Harrison Saif personally went to the Vatican embassy for presenting this petition where he met with His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Vatican City, and he asked for an urgent appointment with the Holy Pope or with his legal team for discussing the situation that Pakistani Christians in Thailand are going through. We expect to receive the confirmation of an appointment in coming days as the Ambassador Mons. Renzo Fratini has assured us to arrange that.

Meanwhile brother Farrukh is scheduled to meet some important Spanish politicians in coming days in order to give final shape to the 50 families project which was initiated in the beginning of this year by Farrukh Saif International. Things have taken long time, the way has been proven to be full of obstacles, devil has been constantly attacking on God´s people but eventually those who are suffering for Jesus´ name will win, Amen. Please keep our organization in your prayers and have faith that the time of hardship will come to an end soon as our Lord is the Lord of miracles and HE will never abandon us. May God bless you all.

Farrukh Saif International

Note: Please find below the scanning of the above mentioned petition:

Petition to the Vatican embassy in Madrid


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