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Fanatics Stopped Hindus From Celebrating Diwali In Sindh’s Tando Allahyar

In another appalling incident, Hindus celebrating Diwali in Sindh’s Tando Allahyar district were attacked by religious fanatics. The incident unfolded on Monday October 24, when the local Hindus were celebrating their religious festival of Diwali. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

Media reports confirm that on the eve of Diwali, when the local Hindus were busy celebrating Diwali, unknown attackers raided the area where the local Hindu community had gathered to celebrate their festival. The attackers opened fire, causing panic, chaos and mayhem. The attack was probably intended to stop the Hindu community from celebrating their religious festival. Fortunately, there were no casualties, yet the incident has generated much fear and panic among the local Hindu community.

In keeping with the details, the police showed reluctance in registering an FIR of the incident initially. The local Hindu community reportedly turned towards the local Muslim political leaders and other authorities. However, they sought the help of local influential leaders but were not succored.

Sindh province is home to about 1.4 million Hindus, yet over the years the there has been a sharp rise in Hindu persecution. Hinduism is the second largest religion in Sindh province. Around 4 million Hindus live in Pakistan, which makes about 1.9% of the country’s total population, and 1.4 million are in Sindh.

Incidents involving the abduction, forced conversions and forced marriages of Hindu girls have now become a routine matter. In total there have been attacks on six Hindu temples in Sindh. There is also a sharp rise in migration trend as they migrate to other countries including India seeking safety.

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