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Faisalabad: Priest Allegedly Tortured Intimidated To Forswear His “Assault” Narrative

According to a social media video showing Pastor Eleazar Sidhu also known as Pastor Vicky sobbing stating that he was coerced to renounce his statement that he was shot by a bearded man on Sunday, September 3, 2023. As the events unfold, on September 13, Pastor Vicky was terminated by the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.

In keeping with details on September 3, Pastor Eleazar Sidhu sustained injuries from two gunshots in the incident. He reported the incident to the police on September 4, stating that he was shot by a “bearded person” while he was returning after Sunday prayers on September 3 from a nearby village in the evening.

Days after the incident a social video birthed a wave of controversy when Pastor Eleazar Sidhu allegedly confessed to police that he shot himself in the right arm. Emphatically, a video on the social video showed his confession, where Pastor Sindhu also admitted to planning this act without any fear, duress or pressure. The assault was termed as fake shooting incident by the police. Pastor Sindhu could be seen making the confession in front of a police officer, saying: “I did it because of stress. I wanted police protection. I threw the pistol in a canal.” The video shows the police officer replying: “Mr. Pastor you are a brother. We came when you complained. The doctor has stated that you harmed yourself.”

In response to Pastor Eleazar Sidhu’s alleged statement that he shot himself; the church reacted sternly. Reverend Pastor Altaf Khan, whilst stating on behalf of the board of the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan maintained that Pastor Eleazar Sidhu stated that he shot and wounded his right hand on September 3.

Previously, on August 28, 2023 Pastor Sindhu lodged a police complaint that on August 26, graffiti appeared on his church walls. Islamic slogans were allegedly painted on the walls of his church by a hardliner religio-political party. The party was also nominated in six other police complaints inked to Jaranwala arson on August 16, 2023. Consequently, the police removed the graffiti from the church’s walls.

Pastor Ghazala Shafique who is a Pakistani Christian activist recorded a video of Pastor Eleazar Sindhu at his house. Pastor Sindhu stated that he was tortured and pressurized to renounce his initial statement. He detailed that he was illegally detained by the police. During detention, police did not give him anything to eat or drink. Pastor Eleazar is diabetic and he was not offered food or water to drink, he passed out due to low sugar level. “They did not give me water for 24 hours,” he said.

Pastor Eleazar stated that three policemen have been stationed inside his house. He complained that policemen are disturbing his family’s privacy. He said that he did not commit any crime, he can not understand why he is being tortured. He said that he was forced to state that he painted the slogans on his church walls. Four other Christians are in police custody. He stated that he did not shoot himself, while other Christians detained are being forced to false statements.

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