European Human Rights Court Nods To A Pakistani Christian’s Asylum Claim

Sigh of Relief for a Pakistani Christian convert, as a European Human Rights Court shows a green light to his asylum claim. In keeping the security concerns, the real name of the asylum claimant has been withheld, as there remains a potentially high risk for this Christian convert.

In a ruling, on April 26, the European Court of Human Rights denounced the Swiss authorities for turning down asylum application of this Pakistani Christian convert. The court expressed deep concerns that the expulsion of this convert will land him in dire situation. In which case, his life is at serious risk by his family and community back home.

Recognizing the consequential violation of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantee to the right of life and inhumane treatment to the asylum seekers, the court censured the rejection of his asylum claim. Furthermore, the court said that the Swiss authorities should have considered the applicant’s case in the light of his conversion and the consequent hostility he can potentially face in his own country. The court therefore, ordered the Swiss authorities to pay the affected person a lump sum of 6,885 euros in compensation of the costs and expenses incurred in due course.

Details emerged that the asylum seeker who hails from Pakistan had converted to Christianity back in 2015. After arriving in the Switzerland, the claimant then converted to Christianity and was residing in the country and sought asylum on the basis of his proselytization.

Pakistan is home to densely Islamic population, while the religious minorities not is significant numbers. In a yearly report, Open Doors has listed Pakistan at eighth number in terms of Islamic persecution of the religious minorities. For the most part, majority of Pakistani Christian population is marginalized and struggling to make both ends meet.


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