During Christmas, a young boy was abducted in a village in Punjab, Pakistan


Tamor Mesi, a young Christian boy, was abducted at the age of 15 during Christmas. Our organization was informed that Christians were attacked in Ghatialian , a village in Punjab, Pakistan, and a minor boy was abducted by local Muslims.

Ghatialian has long been a dangerous village for Christians and Ahmadiyya communities. Christians and Ahmadis were not allowed to build their places of worship. while the Police and law enforcement agencies failed to protect the rights of religious parties in the village. In this recent the local Muslims in the village attacked the Christians during the Christmas gathering and abducted the son of Church leader .

Patras Mesi who son’s was abducted contact our Organization and explained us that his son Tamoor Mesi who was attending the Church service with him was kidnaped by the Muslims.

Our legal team reached the local police station and tried to lodge a complaint at the police station, not only did they refuse to take the complaint, they threatened that if our legal team enters the village, we will be responsible for any violent situation in the village.

After more than a week in captivity, Tamoor managed to escape and reach home when our father contacted our team. He saved the whole family from his village. While in Captivity , he was tortured and forced to convert to Islam.

Now Tamoor and his family are in our safe house. We call on the international community to speak up for the oppressed Christians in Pakistan.