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Children Voice Concerns Over Illegal Disposal Station Near Convent School

School children of New Convent School in Faisalabad’s Daud Colony voice their concerns over an illegal disposal station adjacent to their school. The disposal station is posing greater risk to the health of these children.  The generators used at the disposal station are causing much nuisance to these school children, as their bad odor and noise are annoyingly distracting.

Wasa had constructed a disposal station near the New Convent School. Local Christians have earnestly sought justice from the concerned authorities to prevent this disposal station from operating in the locality. Wasa illegally started construction of this disposal station and later managed to acquire an NOC from the environment department. Operation of this disposal station, started which caused nuisance to the vicinity’s Christians. Local Christians deem this as specifically targeting the Christian community as majority of the residents of Daud Colony are Christians.

As a consequence of a legal battle, director-general of the Punjab Environmental Protection Agency canceled the NOC on the grounds of non-compliance of environmental conditions, thus imperiling the health of children and nearby community. However, despite that fact that the NOC was revoked, local Wasa authorities have not shut the operation of this disposal station in defiance of the orders passed by the Punjab DG environment on Feb 19, 2021.

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