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Burnt Victim Sunny Masih passed Away

18th April – Lahore

Another heart breaking news: Sunny Masih, a Christian boy who was burnt on 20th of March 2015 by a Muslim Kiln owner in Sheikhpura district, passed away few minutes ago.
Sunny Masih who worked in a kiln in Sheikhupura was brutally burnt by the kiln owner. Sunny’s crime was that he requested the kiln owner to pay him his wages for which he was first beaten and then pushed on the burning coals of the furnace by Haji Ilyas Dogar ( the owner of the Kiln).
Sunny was admitted in the Hospital from last 28 days but unfortunately, few minutes ago he passed away. Attached is the video of Sunny which we recorded few weeks ago. Farrukh Saif Foundation and its Partner Organization Rescue Christians tried their best to save his life.
I have a question to all those who say that Pakistani is a safe haven for Minorities. Shame on Pakistani Church Leaders and Political leaders, who always says ALL IS WELL.

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