Another Christian Sajid Masih arrested for committing Blasphemy

Lahore: May 19, 2012. Another case of Blasphemy has been registered against a (Shahzed Masih ) Sajid Masih , a Christian aged 20 , resident of ,Farooqabad district Shiekhupura on 18th May 2012.

The complainant Muhammad Shar-ullah-zaman filed an application in the Police station city Farooqabad under-section 295-B. He stated that Sajid Masih has burned the page of the Quranic text which were in the box (Placed by the Theerk-e- Nafazey Muhammadi ) .

Within few hours thousands of Muslims clerics around Punjab gather at the police station they were demanding the police station officer to hand over the blasphemer to them.

Later on at mid night police has launched an FIR against Sajid Masih son of Inayat Masih under section 295-B and sent him to the Central jail Sheikhupura, FIR NO-297/12 with reference report no-19 /18-5-12

As we got the information our team went to the Farooqabad and met with Inayat Masih (father of Sajid Masih) as well with the religious and political leadership of the farooqabad City. We are filing the bail  application for Mr. Sajid Masih on Monday the 21st May, 2012.


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