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Alarmingly High Number Of Christians Arrested In Utter Pradesh

Indian Church witnesses a surge in faith-based persecution off late. In the wake of the anti-forced conversions law several pastors have been hooked by the police in the Indian State of Utter Pradesh. The arrests have been made on the charges of forced conversions. The recent arrests of pastors have perplexed Christians to an extent that they have gatherings for worship and prayers.

Authorities in Indian state of Utter Pradesh have launched a crackdown against Christians. The Christians take the brunt of the crackdown as they have halted their gatherings for worship and prayer in churches and in particular the house churches. One episode of this crackdown was reported on July 10, when a pastor named Santosh Kanoojiya was arrested along with four other Christians over the charges of forced conversions. However, he was released on bail after 24 hours, yet he had to shut down his house church due to legal case against him.

Another incident was reported same day, when a mob of religious fanatics disrupted a worship service, harassing the congregants and pressurized the police to arrest five of the congregants. Another reported incident was that that of a pastor Mithlesh Kuma, arrested while visiting a local family.

In 2021, Utter Pradesh had highest rate of anti-Christian persecution incidents than any other Indian state. Thus far, the surge in anti- Christian crackdown suggests continuation of this vicious trend.

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