Abolish Slavery

The World is Silent on the issue of Slavery, even the countries where these oppressed and marginalized people are living are unable to abolish these inhumane system.

Millions of people in the world are forced to live a life of slaves in this modern era. There is not much has ever been under to Abolish Slavery, every pass year the number of the slaves is increasing. Different organizations of the world have different statics UN stated that there are 40.3 Million Slaves, and according to the Gallup Survey there are 45.8 Million slaves. Though it is really difficult to estimate the extract number of this hidden Crime against humanity. Half of this modern day slavery exit in Asia where around 25 Million people are forced to work day and nights without been paid. The money they received from the owner end up adding in their loans/debts which never come to an end.

80% of Modern Day Slaves are in the Labor industry, while 20 % are forced in to the sex industry. More than 60% of Modern Day Slaves are women and Children.  Many of people in the world might find it hard to believe that Slavery is still a brutal and inhuman today as it was in Past.