Abolish Blasphemy laws

Blasphemy laws are one of the major weapons to persecute the religious minorities in certain countries. In some countries blasphemy is considered as a criminal act and these laws are being used as a tool to settle personal vendetta against the religious minorities. Lynching, burning the houses/colonies, murder and arrest of the oppressed minorities are every day incidents in countries where these laws exist.

Pakistan is one of such countries in the world where religious extremism is on its hype. The major setback for the religious minorities of Pakistan was the 8th Amendment in the constitution of Pakistan under the presidential orders by the then Military ruler Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq which opened the doors of religious persecution in Pakistan.

Extreme policies set by Gen. Muhammad Zia-ul Haq and empowered by the Nawaz Sharif government in May, 1991, this entire situation led the religious communities’ persecution in Pakistan and legislation of Islamic Laws in the state, gave reawakening to the Christian persecution through the Blasphemy Laws.

Since the execution of these laws around 242 Christians, 516 Ahmadis, 31 Hindus and 44 unidentified religious minorities’ members have been charged under this law as well 720 Muslims . If we observed and studies these cases, will find that in every case the victims was falsely accused with malafide intentions, mostly to settled personal vendetta. On countless occasions Muslims Clerics gave flue vent to their religious prejudices.

The law enforcement departments were also seem biased in regards with the victims of these laws. It has been observed that immediately without holding proper investigation, police register the FIR (First Information Report) against the victims. Been pragmatic and without any exaggeration we can say that none of the blasphemy cases against the religious minorities was well-founded, valid or credible. Mostly, these cases was designed to create the supremacy of the majority community against the oppressed and persecuted religious minorities.

By using Blasphemy law, many minorities Colonies and villages were set on fire by the Fanatic Muslims. Shanti Nagar, Baminwala, Koriyan, Christian Colony Gojra and Badmi bahag are few of such places which were destroyed and ransacked by the extremist Muslims. The ground evidences shows how Pakistan’s blasphemy laws violate and abuse the international legal obligations in respect and protection of human rights, including freedom of religion. Pakistani government and their institutions are failed to provide the security to the victims of these horrific laws.

Even the Shroud of fear also hang over those working in Pakistan’s criminal Justice system, especially the lawyers and judges have been threatened and even on several occasions they were killed. There are a lot of evidences that prove that Pakistan’s Blasphemy laws are the clear violation of Human rights, and this law encourage people to take the law into their own hands. The laws which encourage the majority community to use it as a tool to persecute the Minorities should and must be abolished.