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20 Minute Church Carnage: No Less Than 80 Killed Survivors Say

Death toll in the Nigerian church attack could well be 80, locals and survivors of the attack revealed. Media reports emerged that at least 70 people were killed, while dozens were injured and few were kidnapped by the attackers. In the face of these reports, the survivors of this attack seem to refute these reports.

The survivors in the Nigerian church attack, claim that there could be at least 80 casualties. This attack that unfolded at the St. St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, on Sunday , June 5. During the morning worship service around 9.p.m. when the mass had just ended and the congregants were waiting for the priest to walk down the aisle so that they could file after him to leave. Suddenly, the unknown gunmen started spraying bullets at the worshipers.

In the preliminary investigations the police stated, “the assailants approached the church during the service, started shooting from outside the church while others numbering about four shot directly into the church.”  Details emerged that the armed men burst through the doors of the church, and started firing at the congregants.

The attackers entered the church around half past eleven. As they started firing them, attackers also hurled dynamites at the congregants, which left them scampering for the other two exists of the church. The congregants were blocked by other gunmen on the other exists. The carnage went on for about 15 to 20 minutes the eye witnesses said.

However, the exact number of the casualties is still unclear, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ondo church could house at least 1,200 people and the church was filled at the time of the attack. On the following day, a sombre mood clouded the town. Hundreds of anxious people arrived at the hospitals and dozens more went to the church. Crowds are still gathering at two local hospitals, voluntarily donating blood for the injured.

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